All in one Features

Maximize efficiency with our all-in-one trading solution. Seamlessly integrate advanced tools, automated strategies, and risk management for a streamlined trading experience

Features of indicator

1- Long/Short or Buy/Sell

The indicator can automatically execute buy or sell trades for Long or Short positions.

2- Long+ | Short+ Pyramid

The indicator allows for gradual buying in Long or Short positions. If there is price manipulation and price fluctuations occur, but the direction is still believed to be Long or Short, the indicator generates Long+ or Short+ signals. These signals aim to average down the cost by buying in at a predetermined rate.


3- First TP

When the system reaches the minimum percentage gain specified in the settings, it initiates the first take profit (TP) at a suitable point. At this stage, a percentage of the balance specified in the settings is sold.

4- Long TP | Short TP

These TP (Take Profit) points are set to trigger after surpassing the specified percentage profit target determined in the settings. Once the initial TP is reached, the system evaluates the suitable point for the next TP based on the percentage profit target defined in the settings. At that point, it executes the sell order according to the specified percentage in the settings.


4- Stop Loss

The Stop Loss feature allows the system to automatically close the position at a predetermined price level to limit potential losses. If the market moves against the position and reaches the specified Stop Loss level, the system executes the sell order to exit the trade and minimize the potential loss.

4- First TP < Stop Loss

The First TP Stop Loss feature allows the system to adjust the stop loss level to the entry point of the trade after reaching the first take profit (TP). This feature aims to protect profits by moving the stop loss level closer to the entry point, minimizing the potential loss if the market reverses after hitting the initial TP.


5- Works on All Timeframes

Our versatile trading indicator is designed to work seamlessly on all timeframes, allowing you to analyze and trade with ease across various time intervals.

6- No Heiking - Candlestick Charts

Our indicator is specifically designed to work with candlestick charts, providing accurate signals and analysis to enhance your trading decisions.


8- Backtesting Capabilities for Informed Trading

Our indicator allows you to perform backtesting on the trading pair before entering a trade, giving you insights into the potential profit margin. Make informed trading decisions based on historical performance.

9- Full Automation

Our indicator offers full automation, allowing it to execute trades on your behalf, providing a fast and effortless trading experience. It makes independent decisions and executes trades for you.

Automatic buy and sell with Tradingview indicator.
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