About SiberBot

Yes, you can only get the indicator working on Tradingview.

Yes, you can get instant notifications by downloading the Tradingview App to your phone from the play store or appstore and installing the app. You will constantly receive buy and sell notifications whether there is an automatic trading system or not. You can change this from the preferences.

No, there is no need. With the cyber integrator system we host in cloud-based secure servers, 24/7 trading is done only thanks to the binance api information.

Of course, we quickly solve your needs by making a quick action plan.

Yes, the payment will be made once and you will have a lifetime license.

You will pay in USDT. You can pay during installation or before installation.

Yes It will follow the coins you choose.

When you purchase, we make the installation remotely and do it for you.

With years of experience and knowledge. We will give you training on how to earn money during installation.

We do not have a free trial version, but you can request a snapshot by specifying the name of the coin or share you want to test on our WhatsApp support line.


The indicator analyzes 15 different structures, approves it by its artificial intelligence and processes it.

Yes, you can integrate it on sites like Wunderbit 3Commas.

Yes, but you can intervene and change the leverage as you wish.

Yes, because the whole system works with the infrastructure of the rate.