Cyberbot Spot Indicator and Integration Usage Video
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Cyberbot Spot Indicator is the best indicator of recent times with more than 15+ calculation tools.
Be sure to watch the Cyberbot Spot indicator usage video.

Simple Operation

It is so simple to use that all you have to do is set the balance and choose the coin.

All Anywhere Transportation

You can reach and intervene from anywhere you want from mobile application, computer, tablet, phone.

Totally Safe

Hiçbir güvenlik açığı olmamakla birlikte hiçbir şifrenizi istemediginden %100 güvenli.


Its artificial intelligence works even in 10 second transactions. Such that, when the signal arrives, it is processed in 0.7 seconds.


Automated Crypto Trading Made Easy

SiberBot kripto para piyasalarındaki dalgalanmalardan faydalanmanızı sağlayan,Bulut tabanlı bir kripto para al/sat bot yazılımıdır. SiberBot’u Api Baglantısı ile %100 güvenli olarak borsanıza bağlayıp, tam zamanlı 7/24 alım satım yapın.

Determine Your Strategy

Choose your cryptocurrency and set your strategy in just a few clicks. Then Track Buys and Sells with Artificial Intelligence

%100 Güvenli

The system works on your own computer and does your transactions without the need for your stock exchange account password or any information.

Long and Short Strategies

Leverage Both Up and Down Markets Using Long Term and Short Term Time

Big Volume BUY/SELL

Buy or sell large volumes of cryptocurrencies without causing the price to spike or drop.

technical indicators

Set your bot to use the Minute, Hour, Day, or Weekly filters to open the trade at the right time.

Buy/Sell Signals in the Right Place

Watch for market anomalies for the best trading decisions.

real time tracking

Track bot progress from anywhere with clear analytics and Tredingview notifications.

take profit targets

Set your target profit and your bot will follow the market to close the trade at the right moment.

An indicator supported by special artificial intelligence supported software on the Tradingview site, SiberBot

CyberBot; It calculates more than 15+ algorithms, determines the right time, detects the uptrend and downtrend, and automatically buys and sells with Buy/Sell signals.

By creating an alarm with BUY / SELL points on multiple crypto charts that you have determined on the Tradingview site, it automatically performs the buy / sell transaction at the right time in your own stock exchange account via Api. You are informed by notifications as the Operation Mobile Application, E-Mail and Pop-up.