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Version 8.2 Released

Trailing Take Profit Added.
- To activate, you must first activate the fixed profit.
- Then you have to activate the following profit.
- Mantık ( Sabit kar al % oranını 1 yaparsanız coin %1 yükseldikten sonra Takip eden kar aktif olur. Takip eden kara %2 yazdıysanız eger aktif olduğu noktadan %2 asagı düşerse anında stop olur veya diyelim aktif olduktan sonra coin %12 yükseldi ve sonra %2 düştü %10 karla işlemi kapatır.)

When Wait for Today's Closing is checked. Fixed late ringing in alarm.

The Default Settings of the Indicator are set according to the BTCUSDT 1-Hour Chart.

To activate the update, please remove the indicator you use from the graphic screen and then re-add it to the graph from Invited Access Only.

CyberBot V8.2 Released

Version 8.1.4 Released

TA_ Length

These settings have been added.

Check out more charts with these settings than you would expect. %600' den fazla kar oranını etkiliyen bir yapay zeka modulu ekledim. Bu sayede dipten alma, durgun zamanda bekleme, tepeden short girmeyi iyileştirdim.

- When you activate Take Profit, I added entering an order to the Take Profit point while entering the transaction.

CyberBot V8.1.4 Released

Version 8.1.3 Released

  • The Trend Panel has been moved here to make it easier for mobile users to see the strategy settings.
  • Success rate has been added to the Trend Panel.
  • It shows the success of buy and sell transactions of that coin in the last transactions. Since Tradingview is insufficient, it is healthier to calculate ourselves.
  • After all, our main goal is to make money, not deceive each other.
CyberBot V8.1.3 Released

Version 8 Released

  • We have turned our Spot and Futures indicator into a single highly advanced indicator.
  • **** Before installing a coin, you will now see your own backtest result and see the success of the indicator and install it accordingly. Beware, this system is not available in any indicator vendor because none of them can predict their indicator so successfully.
  • With this indicator, your settings will be more advanced and anyone who wants will be able to use it as they want.
  • Since the number of people using the bot is very high, a Private Telegram Channel has been established, users who buy the bot in this channel will be able to communicate and get support among themselves.
SiberBot V8 Released (Spot and Futures Merged)

Version 7 Released

  • Based on my long years of experience and knowledge, a special part has been added to artificial intelligence.
  • From now on, it will not just buy and sell coins. 
  • We added the Get Less Profit- More Profit features, so we managed to catch the peak by selling in parts after purchasing.
  • We have increased the success rate much more.
SiberBot V7 - Spot Indicator Released

Version 6 Released

  • Switched to the online version. Thanks to, the computer no longer needs to be left on.
SiberBot V6 - Spot Indicator Released

Version 5 Futures Indicator Released

    SiberBot; It calculates with more than 18+ algorithms and artificial intelligence, determines the right time, detects the up and down trend, and automatically buys and sells with LONG/SHORT signals. Moreover, the amount of leverage is determined by itself depending on the current market situation and the ratio of the data. 8 Opens leveraged trades.
SiberBot V5 - FUTURES

Version 4 Released

  • It Buys and Sells Faster and in the Right Place. The Damage Has Been Minimized.
  • No Code Required When Setting An Alarm


SiberBot V4